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Still Advertising Your Business With a Mobile Number?

As a telephone number provider, we come across a lot of small businesses that use a mobile phone number as their main point of contact.  Usually this pertains to the trade industries such as plumbers, electricians and aerial engineers, but can be as diverse as mobile hair or nail salons and even children’s entertainers!  ! Whatever your business may be, advertising your business with either a local  geographical number, or a non-geographical business number (03/08) can be very advantageous in comparison to your mobile phone.Mobile Phone For Business Here are a few reasons why:

The Look

If you are a small business and all of your customers are local, then most people when flicking through a search engine for your services will generally call a local land line number.  It’s the same if you are appealing to a national audience; mobile phone numbers just don’t look national.  The look of your number can really affect how many calls you receive.  Some older generation customers who call from landlines will be more willing to call a business number to save on cost; just look at BT’s rates.  It also gives the image of a company who have been in business for a while, which is great for new businesses and important during these times of economic instability.

Bringing a touch of 21st Century 

Maybe the biggest benefit of routing your calls through a business number are the cloud based services you have access to.  It’s not just the look and feel of a large business, or the local appeal to your customers (depending on your demographic), but did you know these numbers come with free services such as call queuing that lets your customers know when you are already on a call or you are busy?  Pretty handy when you are up a ladder or in the middle of blow drying somebodies hair!  You can choose to use your own voice, a friends, or even let us do it for you.  All of these options are stored online in “the cloud” where you have full control and access to them.  All the calls still come to your mobile phone, and the call whisper feature will even tell you that it’s a business call before you connect to your client.

All in all, making a simple change from advertising your mobile number can bring additional calls, revenue and efficiency to your small business.  Using innovative cloud based services with dedicated account managers and customer service could help revolutionise the way your company is perceived by your customers.

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5 Benefits of using a 03 Number with Direct Numbers

2014 growthThe new UK Wide non-geographic 03 numbers are a great choice for your business, charity or government organisation. These numbers are definitely here to stay and have become the number of choice. So why should my organisation switch to 03?


1)    The EU Consumer Directive states that from 13th June 2014, the majority of companies using 084 and 087 numbers for their customer service and complaint helpdesks will need to switch these numbers to a number that charges no more than a 01/02 geographic landline number. 03 numbers are the popular alternative to take over from 084 and 087 numbers.


2)    03 numbers are consumer friendly and the best number for your customers to use to contact you as callers are charged the same as calling an 01/02 number. Meaning that if you currently get free minutes to call a geographic landline then the 03 number will be included. So no high call costs on your landline and mobile phone bills.


3)    03 numbers are not fixed to any geographic location giving your customers a UK wide number to replace the more expensive to call 0845 number.


4)    A number that is here to stay and that will grow with your business. 03 numbers are permanent and you can use them to divert your calls if changing office, telephone number or setting up further phone lines as your business expands. Like a mobile phone number you can take it with you!


5)    Get more than just a number with Direct Numbers. All our numbers come packed with Call Handling features designed to professionalise your business. Use our portal to monitor your call stats, change where your number targets or set up advanced services like IVR (Interactive Voice Response) or Call Queuing.

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