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Myriad Important Information – HTML Update

As a user of KCOM’s Myriad platform, we are pleased to tell you about the launch of our re-developed Service Manager interface in the white label portal which will come into effect on 15 November 2016. 

What is changing?

We are pleased to confirm, following a successful beta release in October, that the re-developed Service Manager interface (comprising Service Builder and Service Designer) in HTML5 will replace the current Silverlight version.

Why are we making this change?

We recognise that Silverlight is not compatible with touchscreen devices and additionally Microsoft announced that they will be withdrawing support in 2020, with many non-Windows browsers already withdrawing support.

HTML5 is a universally recognised cross platform code, which doesn’t require additional software installation (such as browser plug-ins). This launch will mean that you will be able to access and use the Myriad 2 Service Manager on touchscreen devices1, in addition to all popular web browsers2 on PC’s and laptops.

How do I access the new Service Manager interface?

From launch, the HTML Service Manager can be accessed in 2 ways via the ‘Numbers’ screen in the white label portal; firstly through the ‘Service Manager’ button located in the left-hand menu and secondly through the ‘Update’ option next to any of your service numbers which show as the product type ‘Service Manager’.

Are there any significant changes to Service Manager as part of this launch?

We’ve focussed our redevelopment on aligning the HTML5 version as closely to the current interface as possible and are confident you won’t see any significant changes to how Service Builder and Service Designer work today but the attached overview document details of the key changes to Service Designer for your information.

Can I still use the Silverlight version of Service Manager?

No, after launch Silverlight will be completely withdrawn from the Service Manager interface, including the ‘out of browser’ application – if you currently use this and try to access Service Manager in this way following the launch, you will receive notification message instructing you to access Service Manager via the Numbers screen in the main portal.