Route your 01603 Norwich number to any landline or mobile location in the UK. 01603 numbers cover the Norwich area of Norfolk. You can get all the benefits of a virtual phone system on an 01603 geographic number.

Norwich is known for its community of research organisations with world-leading science credentials, as well as being a leading sector for financial services.

Give your organisation a local presence by targeting local customers and businesses with our memorable 01603 phone numbers which are ideal to get your business started.

All these numbers come with advanced call handling capabilities that give you control over your calls and services.

01/02 - UK local phone numbers prices

Connection feeFree£50.00£250.00
Free UK landline mins/month65011501700
Free UK mobile mins/month200250350
Monthly rental£1.99
*Special Offer
Charge to landline (per min)2p2p1.5p
Charge to mobile (per min)8p8p8p
Revenue share to you (per min)
Prices are exclusive of VAT
* £1.99 three chargeable months, £14.99/month thereafter. Use offer code 3MONTH199