0844 numbers are non-geographic numbers that offer a share of the revenue generated by the inbound call traffic. This helps you offset the cost of running a technical support or sales department. Your customers will only pay 5p per minute from a BT landline. Many customers who had the old 0870 numbers have now switched to an 0844 number.

Non-geographic numbers give businesses a national presence to customers demonstrating longevity and reliability. Use one of our 0844 numbers and get the added benefit of being able to access some great call handling features on your number and not pay any monthly fees!

Unlimited UK landline minutes will pay you a competitive revenue share to support your business costs.

0843/0844 - Revenue share numbers prices

  Standard Silver Gold
Connection fee Free £50.00 £250.00
Free UK landline mins/month Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free UK mobile mins/month 100 150 200
Monthly rental £7.00 £7.00 £7.00
Charge to landline (per min) 0p 0p 0p
Charge to mobile (per min) 5p 5p 5p
Revenue share to you (per min) 1.5p 2p 2.25p
Prices are exclusive of VAT
* £1.99 three chargeable months, £14.99/month thereafter. Use offer code 3MONTH199

What's included in the price?

You get ALL of the services listed below for FREE on every number!

Benefits for your business

No inbound call charges

Offset your business costs

Revenue share

Terminate to a landline or mobile

Great for sales calls

Manage your own number and service