0845 numbers are non-geographic and ideal for business use as they are widely recognised as company business numbers. The cost your customer pays when dialling a 0845 is not dependant on geographic location.

Many small and large organisations use 0845 numbers which are widely used when promoting a contact number for your business sales lines. As a non-geographic number they can give your business a national presence to your customers demonstrating trust and reliability. With our package you will receive a host of call handling services and unlimited UK landline minutes. So no incoming call charges for your business!

The average cost to call a 0845 number is around 2-3p per minute from a landline. 0845 numbers are now included in many call plans with different providers that means they are trusted and can be free to call.

0845 - Business numbers prices

Connection feeFree£50.00£250.00
Free UK landline mins/monthUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Free UK mobile mins/month150200250
Monthly rental£1.99
*Special Offer
Charge to landline (per min)0p0p0p
Charge to mobile (per min)8p8p8p
Revenue share to you (per min)
Prices are exclusive of VAT
* £1.99 three chargeable months, £14.99/month thereafter. Use offer code 3MONTH199

What's included in the price?

You get ALL of the services listed below for FREE on every number!

Benefits for your business

Great for business sales lines

Widely recognised

No inbound peak call charges

Terminate to a landline or mobile

Can accept International calls

Manage your own number and service