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IVR Hosted Platform

No expensive equipment needed, just set up a professional multi-level IVR for your inbound calls.

Route calls efficiently through to your different departments and greet your customers with your own welcome message.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Flexibility and control over your inbound calls allows you to direct your customers to exactly where you want them. Control the calls and send them to each department's phones, mobiles or capture calls with voicemail. It's a great feature for businesses with several departments. You can set up a simple IVR from your console within a matter of minutes. Calls can then be routed through at the times you want to the destinations you want.

Here's a simple case study:-

An insurance company sets up a simple IVR on their 0808 freephone number. They record a welcome message and give their customers 4 options on the main menu. Press 1 for sales, press 2 for claims, press 3 for customer service and press 4 to leave a message.

Each option can lead to the correct department and messages can be emailed to customer service for them to do a call back. You can set up our hosted Interactive Voice Response platform very easily on any of our numbers. The main advantage is you won't have to purchase any expensive equipment for your business as our IVR software is virtual. Contact us now to see how this service can benefit your business.