Product A
Product B
Call for Product A
Call for Product B
Use a call whisper to tell you which number a customer has called
When you answer the phone a short message will play to you
Organise multiple numbers for products or campaigns and answer the call correctly every time

Call Whisper

The call whisper service will play a short message to you before the call is connected.

Your staff will be alerted to the nature of the call and answer the call with the appropriate company greeting.

Identify and Screen Your Calls

This is a great facility for businesses that need to identify the incoming call and alert its staff so they answer the call with the correct introduction. This allows you to be able to use one line for different services or departments.

This is also a great tool if you run a call centre for a number of businesses or if you have a variety of numbers for different products. You can use it alongside your marketing campaign to monitor performance.

Here's a simple case study:-

A call centre taking calls for a number of clients sets up call whisper on the inbound call so they can identify the nature of the call. In the diagram if the number allocated to 'Product A' is called this routes to the call centre and the staff get a call whisper alerting them that this is a 'Product A' call. They can then answer the call with the correct greeting.