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When a call comes in, each member of the Hunt Group is tried one by one
If the phone isn't answered after a set time (say 15 seconds), the next group member is tried
You can add as many people to the group as you like
In this example, if no one answers the phone the call is passed to voicemail

Distribute Your Calls

Set up hunt group routing for your business and route your calls to the target numbers you want to take the calls. If one fails to pick up the call then it will route through to the next and so on. Make every call count with this great facility. Route to landline, mobile or international destination.

Use this service in conjunction with our other services that we offer to produce a powerful and professional routing plan for your business.

Here's a simple case study:-

A plumber sets up his 0845 number to terminate to his office landline first, if this is not answered within 15 seconds it then routes through to his mobile, if it's still not answered it routes through to his assistant's mobile. If the call isn't answered at all in the first 45 seconds then it routes to voicemail which is then emailed to the plumber.